Our Aircraft and Pilot


Watch our new commercial! Commercial was made by the students from Scholarship Flight Training.

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Our Pilot

Chris Rinehart is Airline Transport Pilot certificated and has been flying throughout the United States since he was 16 years old. When he is not flying for us, you can find him teaching young adults to fly through his non-profit Scholarship Flight Training program.

Our Aircraft

The Beechcraft Baron 58P is an aircraft that can fly above the weather and at speeds in excess of 270 mph, matching those of many turbine aircraft for half of the cost. The P-Baron can comfortably seat 5 passengers and the pilot. The rear four seats are in club positioning with a pull out desk for refreshments, games or working.
The nose of the aircraft has a storage compartment that can handle multiple pieces of luggage, including golf clubs. If you prefer to bring your family pet with you, then they are welcome at no extra charge.

Jet and Turboprop Aircraft

We can arrange private charter jet and turboprop aircraft for your charter needs through our vast network of certified air carriers.